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Fort Lauderdale Microwave Repair

Save the cost of a new appliance with trusted microwave repair services. Some microwave repair problems are common as your appliance ages. Common malfunctions include poor heating, no heating, button problems, turntable problems, faulty displays, and more. Common damages to your microwave such as a stuck door, broken door plate, loud noises, and sparking can all be eliminated with minor service from Masco Appliance, your Fort Lauderdale microwave repair specialist.

Microwave Heating Repairs

Microwave heating problems are common among older models and can easily be repaired by a trained expert. Common reasons for a microwave heating problem involve internal components and mechanical parts of your appliance. Perhaps a diode (which converts power) has become faulty or the problem is a simple door switch that is broken. Other causes include malfunctioning magnetrons, voltage capacitors, transformers, thermo-protectors, and fuses. Less common is a control board problem.

Microwave Turntable Repairs

The turntable in your microwave may stop working for several different reasons, many of which are relevant to newer model microwaves with touchpad controls on the display. You may need microwave repair to test the control panel and touchpad if your turntable stops working. This is especially true if you have the option to switch the turntable off and on from the display panel. The display panel itself can also become a problem if the buttons or touch sensors wear out. Far more common, however, is that the turntable motor has malfunctioned and in need of professional repair.

Microwave Lighting Repairs

In most cases, microwave repair is not necessary for lighting issues because a simple bulb replacement may resolve the problem. (Look for a small door in the ceiling of the microwave to uncover the bulb socket.) If you have replaced the bulb and the light inside of the appliance is still not working, there are two primary reasons that this may be happening. The main control board may be faulty or the light socket may have faulty wiring or need replacement. In either of these cases you will want to hire an expert from Masco Appliance to make the microwave repair for you. Working on your own microwave is dangerous and should be left to the professionals.

All Microwave Repair

We can help with all major and minor microwave problems, including older microwaves and newer models. Whether your microwave repair involves anomalies, such as electrical sparks in the unit, or the door simply will not open, the experts at Masco Appliance can have your microwave repaired and back in your home in no time. Call on us for help with a faulty exhaust fan, display problems and more.

If your microwave doesn’t heat, has stopped powering on, works intermittently, or the buttons have suddenly stopped working, we can help save you the cost of purchasing a new appliance. We are Fort Lauderdale microwave repair specialists. For more than 60 years, Masco Appliance has worked to bring value, savings, and honest service to people in our community. Whether you need a minor repair or aren’t sure what’s going on with your microwave at all, repair can be inexpensive and easy when you trust our experts.